Some seasons you "just keep swimmin".

Let me just warn you right now this might ruin the movie for you. So if you haven’t seen Finding Dory this is your spoiler alert!

A few weeks ago the family hopped into the truck and headed to the movies because we were entertaining one of our favorite little guys and needed an excuse to see Finding Dory. The youngest wanted watermelon, sad to say we had to settle for popcorn. At the end of the movie during the reunion this image comes on the screen.

All the while Dory is lost, her parents create paths of shells leading to their home. As the scene pans out there sits this tiny fish home with shell paths extending in every direction. Year after year…hundreds of shells carefully placed one by one just to lead their daughter home.
It’s been a crazy season around here. Since my last post I’ve been feeling a lot like Dory… a bit lost. We’ve experienced a job change, divorce, graduation, marriage, and funerals. Life seems to be throwing heavy hitters and I’m standing at the plate striking out every time. I don’t have enough strength or time… enough love or patience. Times like these leave me feeling all kinds of not enough. 
And here I sit in the movie theater, tears welling, because I realize all these things that leave me feeling not enough are the shells that lead me to the one who is enough. Is it possible, like Dory’s parents, God has placed each shell in the right place at the right time to lead me home? Would He really take the time, the energy, have the patience? Would He set the paths out leading straight to Him and wait… no matter how long the season?
I’m finding it comfortable here these days… understanding on my own I will never be enough. I’m a lot like Dory… forgetting who I am, whose I am. Some seasons you “just keep swimmin” shell to shell, circumstance to circumstance… you look up and realize you’re not lost at all. In fact you’re closer to home than you’ve ever been.

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