Lenten Reflections: Ouch!

…that so many of you are a generation of triflers: triflers with God, with one another and with your own souls? For how few of you spend, from one week to another, a single hour in private prayer! How few have thought of God in the general tenor of your conversation! Who of you is, in any degree, acquainted with the work of the Spirit, his supernatural work in the souls of men?
John Wesley
What EXACTLY are you saying John?
I looked up the word trifle. It means something of little value, substance or importance… ouch! So let me put John Welsey’s message into words we might understand a little better.
So many of you are a generation of believers who do not value your belief. You don’t give God, others, or your own soul the value you should. I bet very few of you have spent an hour a week in talking to God. You probably haven’t had a conversation about God this week. And let’s not even talk about the supernatural work of God through His Spirit.
Double OUCH!
John Wesley was not a preacher who minced words. He said what he meant and he practiced what he preached. He believed prayer, sharing with others about God, and learning to follow the leading of the Spirit was crucial to our faith. 
I guess if you think about it, Jesus did the same thing. He talked to God often, shared with others daily, and always followed the Spirit. And… when someone needed a stern talkin’ to… well, He did that too.
The truth is there are times I put God on the back burner, forget to talk to Him and get so busy there’s just no room for the Spirit’s leading.

OK… Mr. John Wesley… I get your point. Because we all need a come to Jesus lecture once in a while.

Message received!

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