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Star Gazing

Dad built a beautiful house on the lake when we were young. He loved to fish, I didn’t. But there were nights when I climbed into the boat with him and while he was fishing he would point to the constellations. “Look, there’s the… Continue Reading “Star Gazing”

Water Walking… is it worth the risk?

It’s before crack of dawn early and I sit on the deck watching stars twinkle. The air feels pregnant as it quietly waits to birth a new day. A lone spider silently spins. The distant howl of a coyote calls, and I wonder,┬áDid I… Continue Reading “Water Walking… is it worth the risk?”

A Snail’s Journey

I’m pretty sure if my life’s path was marked like a snail trail on a wet window it would look about the same. I’ve gone in circles, and camped out in places I should have left. I’ve crossed my own path countless times, and rarely taken the most direct route.

From the looks of it I am as lost as a snail.

Surprise! It’s fear again…

I confess it took me by surprise. Sent me into a tail spin… knocked me for loop. Like I feel I’ve circled right back to the beginning of the enough journey. Way back to the time it reared it’s ugly head in my college… Continue Reading “Surprise! It’s fear again…”