Category: Journey to the Manger: Advent 2019

This way to Peace.

The early phone call is a nice surprise. He needs a place to crash while working in a town nearby. “Do you have room for one more tonight?” I smile because there’s always been room since the day we brought him home from the… Continue Reading “This way to Peace.”

Don’t Look Back…

The podcaster’s words grab me, “Nostalgia, or at least remaining nostalgic for long periods of time, is a sin. Looking back, attempting to return to what once was, is faithless living.” I literally shuddered with defense when he called nostalgia a sin. Don’t misunderstand,… Continue Reading “Don’t Look Back…”

I Can’t Drive 55

It’s early. Really early when my eyes open wide. I roll over hoping for another hour of sleep, but sleep won’t come. Before I count to ten my thoughts run. Twenty more days until Christmas. Less than three weeks to get it all done.… Continue Reading “I Can’t Drive 55”

Journey to the Manger

Advent slips in without much fanfare as hunters head off long before the break of dawn. As they stand in the wetlands of my son’s new home state, my daughter and I sip coffee and prepare for our Sunday morning journey. Most Sundays you’ll… Continue Reading “Journey to the Manger”