Category: Lent 2017

Lenten Reflections: Worship

Some Sunday mornings I find it hard to get going. In the quiet of a still house the warmth of my bed calls to me, and sleeping late seems good. There are Sunday mornings I go through the motions because it’s what I do…… Continue Reading “Lenten Reflections: Worship”

Lenten Reflections: Ouch!

…that so many of you are a generation of triflers: triflers with God, with one another and with your own souls? For how few of you spend, from one week to another, a single hour in private prayer! How few have thought of God… Continue Reading “Lenten Reflections: Ouch!”

Lenten Reflections: Compassion

Two different books… two different scriptures… one word. My heart is changed within me; all my compassion¬†is aroused.-Hosea 11:8 The Lord is compassionate and merciful, very patient and full of faithful love.-Psalm 103:8 Theses scriptures reveal something about God’s character. Merriam-Webster defines compassion as… Continue Reading “Lenten Reflections: Compassion”

Lenten Reflections: 3 General Rules

The founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley, lived by three rules. At first glance the rules seem a bit simple. Ten words… is that it? Because a list of rules of biblical proportions would make me feel more secure. Like I might have… Continue Reading “Lenten Reflections: 3 General Rules”

Lenten Reflections: Go With the Flow

I’m sort of “go with the flow” kinda girl. Each ¬†morning I wake up with a general idea of what’s happening, all with the understanding what’s happening might change before my feet hit the floor. For the most part I’m o.k. with it changing,… Continue Reading “Lenten Reflections: Go With the Flow”

Lenten Reflections: Listen

The last few mornings I wake up and hear these words, “Listen, O Israel. The Lord your God is one.” You’ll find these words in the sixth chapter of Deuteronomy and it is part of the morning and evening Jewish prayer. These are traditionally… Continue Reading “Lenten Reflections: Listen”

Lenten Reflections: Beginning

I pull up to the window to pick up the hubby’s dinner and she greets me with a smile. Just your everyday meeting with the one who takes my money and hands me change. Except she keeps staring at me like she knows something… Continue Reading “Lenten Reflections: Beginning”