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Warning signs

Two trucks, two boats, and one four runner all packed with the seven of us and two dogs. Not to mention the loads of stuff we’ve brought for the journey. We traveled north on four lane roads for most of the trip. But the… Continue Reading “Warning signs”

Road to Epiphany

The story of Christ’s birth often feels as if it all happens in a few short hours. Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem and Jesus is born. Shepherds and kings arrive shortly after to worship the newborn King. By December 26 all is finished… Continue Reading “Road to Epiphany”

He’s here!

This Christmas morning doesn’t look like it used to. No tiny tots at my bedside sounding alarm in unbridled anticipation of gifts under the tree. The oldest two celebrate in other places this morning. The youngest still sleeps in his bed. The house is… Continue Reading “He’s here!”

advent’s waiting

She toddled in with her momma , and I peeked around the corner of the shelf to say hello. She frowned and I stepped back with a comment, “Maybe my mask scared her.” Her momma replied, “If this keeps on going she won’t remember… Continue Reading “advent’s waiting”

Letting Go

My pastor told the story of a man falling off a cliff and grabbing a branch. As he held on for dear life, the man cried out to God, and God said, “Trust me. Let go.” I’m not sure how the story turned out,… Continue Reading “Letting Go”

The Way

Almost every morning of quarantine I awake singing, “… Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness. My God, that is who you are.” As we take baby steps to move out into the world again, it surprises me how quickly I… Continue Reading “The Way”

Prince of Peace

Jesus, Prince of Peace. It’s hard to find peace these days. Most mornings I have to ask myself what day it is. I think about how to get the things I need and consider if I really NEED them or not. Some moments are… Continue Reading “Prince of Peace”

Giving Thanks for Who I Am

It’s one of those busy days in the shop. I have lots to do and just when I get focused something draws me away. A phone call here, a request for help there, an email to send, facebook posts to make. My to do… Continue Reading “Giving Thanks for Who I Am”

A Recipe’s Story

It was an ordinary Sunday morning in the Spring of 2012. I was moving through the commons area of our church when he flagged me down. “Get some paper and pen,” he said. No need to argue with him. He had that I’m-up-to-something twinkle… Continue Reading “A Recipe’s Story”

At my best, dare I say it… I’m mediocre.

As the conversation about faith and parenting comes to a close my sweet friend says, “On my best day, I’m a mediocre parent.” A matter of fact statement said with love and acceptance I can’t quite fathom. Mediocre. I loath the word. Because I’m… Continue Reading “At my best, dare I say it… I’m mediocre.”