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Journey to the Manger

Advent slips in without much fanfare as hunters head off long before the break of dawn. As they stand in the wetlands of my son’s new home state, my daughter and I sip coffee and prepare for our Sunday morning journey. Most Sundays you’ll… Continue Reading “Journey to the Manger”

Fear… is a Liar

Dear Fear, Just a few months ago she made the comment, “I’m surprised you’re not anxious.” It seemed like a strange thing to say until I looked out the window and realized we were driving on an elevated highway. I was surprised you weren’t… Continue Reading “Fear… is a Liar”

Holding Fear

When I told her I went from holding the tiny humming bird a few weeks ago to holding a snake today, she told me I needed meds. I laughed at my lifelong friend’s words, “Your farming thing is getting out of hand!” It began… Continue Reading “Holding Fear”