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Most years I gather twigs from the yard and place them in a vase with scattered paper leaves for writing things I’m thankful for. This is the season I practice thanksgiving but it is more than just a season, it’s a discpline. A few… Continue Reading “thank-full”

Clean up on Aisle 3!

Two weeks ago I broke my hard and fast rule of no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. My young adult children may read this and wonder what in the world has happened to me. It is not a rule I think everyone should adhere… Continue Reading “Clean up on Aisle 3!”

Giving Thanks for Who I Am

It’s one of those busy days in the shop. I have lots to do and just when I get focused something draws me away. A phone call here, a request for help there, an email to send, facebook posts to make. My to do… Continue Reading “Giving Thanks for Who I Am”

Process Over Product

When the time falls back and darkness beats me home, my evening actities change. I’ve been waiting for this season, prepping for the long hours indoors, gathering the necessary supplies and stacking them in the cabinet. My most recent aquisition has me all giddy… Continue Reading “Process Over Product”

Fear… is a Liar

Dear Fear, Just a few months ago she made the comment, “I’m surprised you’re not anxious.” It seemed like a strange thing to say until I looked out the window and realized we were driving on an elevated highway. I was surprised you weren’t… Continue Reading “Fear… is a Liar”

Boots and Bells

I’m still not sure why I bought them. Probably because the sweet shop owner told me they looked good on me. It was an impulse buy, and they’ve hung in my closet for weeks now. Out of desperation because the weekend antics kept me… Continue Reading “Boots and Bells”

Weekend Remnants

It’s opening weekend here in Texas. As sunlight creeps over places near and far, the migration begins. Like ducks cupping their wings for a landing, they begin to arrive. Clacking trucks bring nephews and cousins, sons and friends as if I’ve been blowing a… Continue Reading “Weekend Remnants”

Nope. Not Today!

My college days were steeped in math to prepare me for teaching. Even though I don’t teach formally now I often help out those who need some one-on-one. I work through the quiz review with my son’s friend, and he mentions synthetic division. Synthetic… Continue Reading “Nope. Not Today!”

Table for Two

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been cooking lately. It’s been months to be exact. I would like to tell you I just don’t have the time. Or I’m tired of the recipes I’ve always used. But the truth is I’ve found… Continue Reading “Table for Two”


He pops in and out of our house during the week. He’s always welcome, always has been since the day he was born. He talks and I listen. “One day I want to be able to shred a guitar.” Evidently shred is a good… Continue Reading “Wanting”