Giving thanks in the face of fear might just leave you barefoot.

Morning breaks over the hill and I whisper, “Thank you Lord.” 
Giving thanks is more of a habit than it used to be. Practice brought me to this place… began with a mom who reminded my toddler self again and again, “What do you say?” The writer’s words in  1000 Gifts inspired me to list thanksgivings even on the hard and messy days, even when I felt there was just no reason to give thanks.
This is the gift we can all give for it is not dependent on money or passion. Nor does it depend on circumstances or happiness, wisdom or success. It shouldn’t happen just once a year but all year long… Every. Single. Day. 

I walk to the car and there in the flower bed a rose blooms. It’s not the season for blooming flowers and I give thanks to the Creator who is never constrained in time or season.

The daily chore of washing mountains of clothes gives up its treasure. I guess boys no matter their age will always carry prizes in pockets, and I’m gently reminded God holds all children in the palm of His hand.
Moving towards the back computer to turn it on, I find this note on the screen and smile. This little love note left where she knew I would see it has me looking for more. He leaves them too you know. From the tiniest of wings to the grandest of peaks God writes, “You are the best ever!”
I take a moment to tackle the clothes mountain as we begin to gather from school and work, and the youngest calls me to the kitchen. There on the bar is this little contraption that creates white foam for the top of you coffee. It makes the best coffee even better and I didn’t really need it… didn’t even ask for it, but it is REALLY good froth and it makes me grin each time I use it. God is in the business of gift giving. He pours out gift upon gift… beyond what we could ask for… above what we need. I’m thankful for His gifts and for a husband who has a heart to surprise me with such things!

Frost glitters on limbs and roofs and power lines as I journey to worship this morning. I round the car to grab my stuff when I notice these wisps of steam rising from the roof. I understand the science of it–cold air meets warm air…. There’s no miracle in it right? Explaining something doesn’t explain it away. It just gives me reason to celebrate a God who is willing to reveal His secrets.

I’m feeling a lot like the roof today… all filled up with His Spirit to the point it might just seep right out like steam rising. I’m so thankful for worship and the preacher who talked of gifts given and how leaving them packaged up in boxes doesn’t do much to help build His kingdom. The flute player sharing her gift this morning, and the lunch with friends who surprised us with a visit. The college daughter sitting with me in the morning over coffee and conversation, and these few quiet days when I get the house to myself.

The quiet comes to an end as the happy hunters return.

They’re all loud and telling adventure tales of funny happenings, pintail drakes, and memories they won’t soon forget. The clothes mountain suddenly looks camouflaged and still I’m thankful… for boys, and hunting gear strewn all over… for dads and granddads who take hunting trips with growing boys.

I have this secret when the fear gets overwhelming. When I’m all jitters about entering His presence, there’s just one thing left for me to do. One way to get me moving beyond fear. One way to move towards holy ground.

Feels too simple to be true. Can you really enter his gates… the inner court by simply giving thanks? In short answer–YES! Fear is all about yourself, keeps you inwardly focused. Giving thanks returns our focus back to Him. Go ahead try it. I dare you. Find one day this week and go on a hunt. Open your heart and your eyes to all the gifts, all the reasons you have to give thanks. Giving thanks just might move you to new ground. Like Moses you’ll hear him say, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

Barefoot and thankful–now that’s the way to live!

Maybe you would share your thanks-giving with me… with us right here on the blog? Just drop a comment below.

One Comment on “Giving thanks in the face of fear might just leave you barefoot.

  1. I am thankful for your beautiful words, walking with my little girls hand in mine, this crisp cool afternoon and sitting by the fire! Thanks for this great reminder!!!


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