Love came down…

Just imagine with me for a moment. God creating earth and atmosphere, sea creatures and wings taking first flight. Five days is all it took and then something a bit different took place.

Let us make man in our image after our likeness…–Gen. 1:26

This is our first glimpse of God as the perfect community…Father, Son, Spirit. Can you see them? Circled around as dust becomes bone and muscle and all things flesh. An image in their likeness with heart and hands and eyes to see. God breathes air into deflated lungs…a heart beats…and life begins.
I believe God exists yesterday, today…forever. And in the moment He blew life into Adam, He also had a plan. He had a plan because He knew. 
He knew temptation would come.
He knew sin would enter His creation.
He knew the moment Adam took his first breath we would need a Savior.
Can you believe it? What in the world would inspire God to create something He knew would be broken? Why even create in the first place what would end up being a messed up, crazy world?

 This is love. The kind of love that sees the broken mess it will be and continues to create. Love can only describe a God who would throw caution to the wind and make a salvation plan requiring the Creator to become the created.

I read words slow…
Ravished with wonder.
Ravished by an even larger, bigger, more infinite Love.
So go to the window. Go to the hills, the desert, the corner, the back door, and be ravished and taken and awed, and you who were made by Love, made for love–be still and know and watch love come down.–The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

And so I went

…to the place in the back pasture where red bloomed bright against weeds.
…to the school for lunch and wonderful conversation about math and finding toads on playgrounds.

…to the church where the one who didn’t have a bible received and those around crawled right up on table to hear Love’s word.

I finished the day prayer walking with church teens and found myself in front of an empty manger. The baby will soon be here…only twenty-four days. Children think the time takes forever, but us adults we recognize how time moves quick across days.

Let’s not waste it hustling and bustling through Advent without pausing…stilling…remembering Love came down.

Love. Came. Down.

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