What I mostly try to avoid and the attitude revealed in it.

Those that know me understand I am far from what they call a “Type A” personality. I like to fly by the seat of my pants and plan just far enough in advance to keep me going. Today those I work with laugh at me because I can’t find my glasses and my phone has gone missing. Honestly I’ve tried to be more like my hubby when it comes to thinking through all the possibilities. I’ve yearned to have some natural gift which helps me schedule my life and keep up with glasses and my phone. I’ve tried, really I have, and I’m better but no matter how much I want it…this gift alludes me. Over the years I’ve trained myself to be somewhat more “responsible” but, instead of losing keys…well, you know the rest.

What you may not know is there are levels of messy I just can’t handle. My middle son’s room has been off limits for more than a year now. Off limits because I get a twitch walking in there! Just last night the youngest is playing video games in the middle one’s room and I’m thinking. I don’t know how he sits in the middle of all the mess and plays games. I just couldn’t do it. 

I know what you must be thinking. Clean it up…make the child clean it up. And I have accomplished both from time to time. I organize junk drawers and declutter with the best of them but in the end it just gets messed up again. I remember a professor in college teaching a law though I can’t recall the name…there’s a universal tendency for all things ordered to become disordered. My junk drawer is proof!

Here’s the thing. I can tolerate my own mess. Even keep it some what less messy.  Other people’s mess…well, that’s a different story. Why clean up what they will just mess up again? Why continue the never ending cycle? Why fight what the professor of long ago stated when others don’t seem to be bothered by it?

I’ll just close the door or the drawer. I’ll avoid the needy one in the parking lot. I’ll  turn the other way when someone’s mess slaps me in the face. Avoid, ignore, pretend it doesn’t exist and it doesn’t…right? Why not let others just be…In. Their. Mess.

It’s not a pretty picture. This attitude God revealed in me. And I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but what’s done is done. I’ve put it out there…

You see, I’ve come to know a God who is so much more than a supernatural house keeper. I know a God who willingly wrapped Himself in flesh and became the mess. This is the message quietly lying in the manger. He could have chosen another way. He could have ordered a clean-up from on high. But He didn’t. He chose to enter into the mess. He chose to open junk drawers and walk on dirty clothes. He chose to sit in the midst of chaos and be. Be. With. Us.

He never demands we come up. Instead He comes down. Oh. My. Word. My anti-messy attitude needs a change.

 Taking up His cross begins at the manger .It begins when God came to dwell in our mess. Oh, the grace of it all. And I’m not sure I’m fully ready to embrace this truth…to offer this same grace to others…but I’m willing…

 Lord, help me, I’m willing.

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